Identification means comprehension

model-me photo by gemma

Alessandro: You own an intense gaze which recalls me the visions of Alberto Martini and Karel Thole…
Alberto Martini isn’ t avery famous italian artist, but you can try to look for his artworks on the web, he used to draw giant butterflies with human eyes on their wings.
Karel Thole is a little bit most renowned since he created a lot of covers for fantastic and horror books like those of Lovecraft, Dunsany and K.dick. When I see your photos I can feel the same profound perceptions I got from those artworks. Basically I like your fairy and mysterious gaze.

Me: I always get curious by what people mean by particular, I get a lot of people telling me I’m unconventionally pretty. Some people have been so rude too! One guy didn’t want to photograph me with clothes on because he said my body was more interesting than my face…as an artist I couldn’t understand that because I love faces, I always paint faces and I love bodies too but I can’t imagine a body without a face.

Alessandro: The fashion and show business are full of greedy and shady people who cannot conceive women like human beings but just like erotic machines configured to satisfy any of their lustful desires…
Faces, and especially eyes, are the visual elements which freak out men with weak spiritual dimension because they remind them that they belong to them as well…so they manage always to avoid looking in the eyes of their “objects”
identification means comprehension.

(Taken from a conversation I had with writer Alessandro Fantini a week ago, I felt that with all of my talk about hans bellmer and objectification, this was very important…to see some of his work go here-

~ by volatilestructure on February 28, 2009.

7 Responses to “Identification means comprehension”

  1. you are right about faces. faces and eyes 🙂

  2. people are much too jealous in this world.
    youre gorgeous mika, all of you. the only unconventional thing about you is that theres no one like you and youre a beauty.

  3. …and .. even forget about the face and the naked body, your words are equally beautiful, and even without knowing you I believe that you have many more talents. keep it coming, I love checking by this site from time to time and getting lost in your world.

  4. I have also always found faces fascinating.

  5. I imagine that you already know about this old book and TV show:

    If nothing else, John Berger in that wonderful collared shirt is worth watching.

  6. No one’s body is more interesting than their face.
    That’s just…

  7. This has stuck in my craw now-

    So what’s “conventional” beauty?
    Jenifer Anniston?


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