little dear


based on this drawing that i did

“She is the girl with pearls in her mouth. Swallowed whole so she can pay her fee to death in luxury. She has swans in her heart and a deer for her soul. Her face resembles a clever tabby cat.”-jess wrote that about me


~ by volatilestructure on April 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “little dear”

  1. Beautiful! It suits your doe eyes and the change of skins must have been a great feeling.

    • it was, i feel like it was a symbol of strength for me…and right now i needed it more than ever.
      thank you dearheart!

  2. Nice sentence at the end…

  3. oh my goodness i love it mika!!, it looks amazing on you, wonderful pictures and i love that line jess wrote about you

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