I know what happened to your sister, it had something to do with rabbits, didn’t it?

can you spot the swan? self portrait.

My mother and my sister.

I love her, and I hate that I break her heart again and again.

Elijiana with her bird…

Dead easter bird…

Times are darker and darker for me, but I find that somehow there is light.

I am loved, even if I have no foundation.

I started a tumblr account for all of my random quick pieces of expression—

more art here-



~ by volatilestructure on May 22, 2009.

16 Responses to “I know what happened to your sister, it had something to do with rabbits, didn’t it?”

  1. Beautiful art is known for breaking hearts, isn’t it?

    You are a work of art.
    Certainly one of the bests pieces she’s ever had a hand in creating, you know?

    To use a popular lolcats caption formula


    You are a work of art.

  2. i find that your art needs to be in a book, like i needdd a book of your art. your paintings on my walls.

    i hope things get better honey

  3. Your work is beautiful. I haven’t been inspired by something online in the longest time! Do you sell?

    • I am currently preparing to set up a shop online where I can sell prints…
      I realized that the charcoal pieces have been striking a chord with people….so I am going to start making prints of them.
      Thank you so much~

  4. I totally love your drawing style!!!

  5. Why is it that beauty can be so painful to observe?
    Is it because we can’t “have” it no matter how hard we try?
    Is it that it is fleeting, a moment, a feeling?
    Is it because we know on a deeply existential level that we can never be one with it?
    That as we live alone, dream alone, die alone, we can glimpse the “other” but never, at least in this existence, join and be one with that which we most long to be one with?
    Why is love so painful?
    For the same reasons I think.
    Why can’t we as humans share existence instead of just being next to each other?
    Why are we so inescapably INDIVIDUAL?
    We can observe beauty.
    We can be so tantalizingly close to those whom we love.
    Yeah, that’s a big but(t).
    It’s out there.
    Outside ourselves.
    As much as we can have it in our minds, as much as it can inspire us, teach us, we can’t make it part of ourselves, except as we decide to perceive it and incorporate it, and through these very actions ceases to be itself, but to be a construct of our own.

    Why can’t I be one with your art?
    I think that’s the pain I feel.
    I can only observe.

    You know, this is NOT the way I talk…..

  6. Beautiful work, have you read any Alice Hoffman?

  7. HI
    i found you on suicide girls, me and my pals were looking through all the photos for old times sake and yours stood out most to me. you look like Hope from MAZZYSTAR a nice band from LA and then i read your blog and you seem really cool. im not a creepy man lusting after you! dont worry. im a 22 yr old girl i live in australia i study design ive been naughty in the past. growing up i always wanted to have a life just like yours, travelling nomadically, going wherever the wind blew me. i sound weird right? do you like the mars volta? i met them once, i got kicked out of there show for being weird and drunk. anyhow i was on the path that you are travelling then I got thrown off it, by a boy and now im all settled down and all i want is to runaway. to be free. damn. you seem pretty magical its nice to know someone is out there who is magic
    i write a zine with my pals check it out if you want its not very magic(its called jiltedvibe). my best friend is an artist and she can lucid dream and likes chaos theories (look for all the faces) http://cosmeticchaos.blogspot.com/ her boyfriend is a musician http://www.myspace.com/jonnytelafone he makes psychdelic hiphop
    if you are ever in melbourne which is on the other side of the earth stay in our house! we can have painting sessions. oh yeah i saw you like the red paintings i saw them play once they were rad! they played in a club where someone had hung up a replica of a womb to the roof. did they have all the geishas onstage and people painting canvases?

    • Oh that’s lovely! what is your myspace? i’d love to add you.

      You don’t sound weird at all. It’s really lovely of you to write and to read what I’ve written.
      Lol I have a funny story about the red paintings….when I did see them perform the geishas were on stage…which was just so lovely…
      But recently I met the lead singer and while I would prefer not to speak ill as I still respect him as an artist he really embarrassed me! A close friend of mine was seeing him or something and she introduced us-she went to show him the tattoo on my back and he just exclaimed really loudly with shock “you are a REALLY skinny girl! Do you ever eat? What causes that?”

      This wouldn’t have been such an issue as I’ve received a lot of comments like that lately due to my shrinking frame (which is due to drugs–medication–and then my own issues) but he said it in front of an entire room full of people.

      But yea…I still think that their music is amazing.

      Anyways, yes please let us talk more?

  8. Vos dessins manifestent une sensibilité authentique et votre trait est vraiment suggestif. Bravo! J’espère que vous poursuivrez ce blog.

  9. i love the art..its like amaterasu black flames..

  10. Your art is utterly stunning. I stumbled across this looking for pictures of swans – I’m going through a swan phase too! They just photograph so perfectly, especially b&w.
    Do you sell your work anywhere?

  11. I found you on SG and I was going to write you there. When I went to go and write you, you’ve closed your account. I found that your work stood out the most to me. Not because of your beauty, but I could tell that you had substance. You’ve intrigued me.

    It is too bad that you don’t update this blog anymore, I would love to be able to see/hear and leave feedback for you. 🙂

    • my dear, thanks to you i started updating this again!
      it means a lot to me that you contacted me here.
      so yes, lets talk. i shall go check out your wordpress.

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