if i lactate i would give you some.-gemma

this is the teaser for a video i worked on that is going to be premiered this friday at the house of yes in brooklyn!

so basically, i made some of the clothing back in november and gemma took them and kaytee papusza of papusza couture used her clothing and mine and kate verb modeled….

it was based on twins.

so the show on friday is a fashion show and i am going to be performing as a siamese twin with kate, as her tiny twin, on a tea set table with contortionists, acrobatics, and amazing dancers…..exhibiting papusza couture’s birds under the ocean collection! which is based on kaytee papusza’s venture to iceland (she exhibited in iceland’s fashion week last fall) and the beautiful landscape she fell in love with.

the music playing is a concoction of sounds—-all icelandic artists!

my first big performance-come come see!

house of yes

doors open at 8

april 30th

342 maujer street, brooklyn ny

~ by volatilestructure on April 29, 2010.

3 Responses to “if i lactate i would give you some.-gemma”

  1. cool teaser

  2. makes me think of music boxes…I collect them…my inner child just woke up…I am looking forward to your thoughts about the show and photos/videos shared with us not so blessed to be in ‘our’ NYC…I will go find Kaytee on FB
    hugs n love

  3. OK good to see- useful blogs are always sweet! Blessings.

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