I promise you a snow halo that will last well past spring.-Chi Cheng

Your song-

He brought fish to my window

The scales catching light as if they were still breathing

I slice through

Prisms of color dance on our hands

Reflecting off of the knife

Salmon migrate each season

Instilled in their memory

The place of their birth

I no longer know the way

To the origins of my own beginning

You are pulling apart your own flesh

Looking through the drawers of her womb

To see if anyone is still in there

My own cupboard has always been empty

Hungry but we’re used to rationing

So much light spilling out as I divide

The dead eye of the fish looking up at me

There is something caught in my throat

While you are singing

I pleaded for you

Gasping to reach inside and pull it out

The pearls of our memories

Soft like the inside of an oyster

Slide out of my mouth

I forgot that I

Put them there.

-written by Mika Jones (me) May 2010 edited by Ryan Williams of http://thirteenbridges.wordpress.com

Sculpture by me as well-I created it in 2008, in three days…..no its not a casting–i created it by hand and from my head.

art is my alchemy.

~ by volatilestructure on May 11, 2010.

One Response to “I promise you a snow halo that will last well past spring.-Chi Cheng”

  1. ‘art is my alchemy’ i love that….

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