The New Faux show with Papusza Couture

The video of the show….

So just a few weeks ago in NYC I had the opportunity to not only model/perform (kate verb–the other model–and I were part of the twins story) but to also assist the beautiful designer Papusza Couture.

I also got the chance to model for photographer Magdalena Olek with Papusza’s clothing.

Here are some shots from the show and from the shoot with Miss Olek, which was exhibited in her show in Poland’s fashion week.

Kate getting ready  (hair and makeup) backstage

right before the show.

during our part of the performance (note—there were a lot of pieces to this performance as you will see in the video, there were such talented people… a trapese artist, a contortionist, narcissister–who is world famous for her work…wearing the beautiful siamese dress that kaytee *papusza couture* worked her as off on at the end of the show….every single person involved in this show was fucking talented and i am blessed to know them/have had the chance to meet and work with them. kaytee and gemma fleming were the masterminds behind it all, and are two women that have encouraged me from the get go with my art.)

Kate and I right when Narcisisster came on…

(the twins video that both kaytee and i made clothing for, that was gemma’s production was being projected onto the show.)

© raymond haddad
note-other photos from this show that were not taken by me or by raymond haddad were taken by mitchell parsons and jonathan murphy.

Then here are some shots from Magdalena

*first I’ll post a pic I took of magdalena*

Here are some shots by Magdalena (there are more than I’m posting here that you can find at her website… ….she only shoots in film, which makes her very rare in this day and age.)-

There are many more at her site. She is kind of a genius, working on the spot….really such a sweetheart too. She loves color and spring….I feel that Magdalena is a fairytale in her vision and even in who she is as a person. She’s so petite and lovely, with such an acute awareness to light…..She loves peacocks and I am actually in the midst of designing a lovely peacock for her right now.

I am really in awe of her.

Here I am with Kaytee, who I am also in awe of…..making beautiful clothing by hand, exhibiting her works at the chelsea hotel, all over…having her work in the New York times with Alexander Mcqueen…she is also originally from the Northwest, like me, and nature is a big part of her work….the collection exhibited at new faux was inspired by her journey to Iceland during fashion week there.

She has honored me with the invitation to collaborate with her on her new collection, inspired by her love and relation to the Rom. I would be painting on silk organza and such, I won’t give anything else away…but this collection has a lot of roots in loss and life….something that Kaytee has a lot of experience with overcoming.

Wearing hats that were in the show one day when we were working.

A watercolor sketch I did–it is quite large, I don’t know the dimensions exactly because I didn’t measure it before I gave it to her….It’s a sketch, but I like sketches sometimes…and it captured what I wanted at the time…which was her beauty. I’m working on a real finished piece of her in oils soon.

Gemma was the one who really got me involved with all of this….

(photo I took of her.)

So in truth, it was these lovely ladies (as well as a few others, you all know who you are–i’ve drawn most of you), as well as the man that has helped me through much of my hardships (ry)….that made new york a place I love.

(this piece was inspired after kaytee and I talked about our love of illustrations –as i do acknowledge the fact that this is what i am…an illustrator–fairytales, francesca lia block, and modern mythology…as well as watercolor…this one is fucking huge, I couldn’t even pack it when I traveled back to washington to see my mother in the hospital…)

The mind is a magical chaotic cabinet…sometimes you find things years and years later that you thought you’d forgotten…sometimes it takes years to understand.

I am blessed with all of the people in my life, I would not be able to survive the current hardships I am undergoing if it were not for them.

~ by volatilestructure on May 20, 2010.

8 Responses to “The New Faux show with Papusza Couture”

  1. (:


  2. LOVELY…!

  3. oh mika this was just so magical to read – you are a muse and artist and damn good of it, regardless what anyone says. its pure fact. and kaytee, gemma, etc are also incredible ladies and i’m glad you are all doing what you love and creating such phenomenal pieces. obviously, even when it doesnt seem like it – your life really is magic. i love you dear girl.

  4. I agree with you about the mind…How its a “Magical chaotic cabinet”. I think that you should write a book of your sayings and poems. Your very talented.

    *off topic*:About the photos of when you were getting ready for the show, wasn’t that make up annoying?

    • thank you! seriously and truly that means so much!
      i’d like to do something like that someday, i feel like right now im just building material/experience…but at some point when i think i might be ready i want to go back and go through everything and piece it together in a narrative fashion.

      and yes, that makeup was extremely annoying. i had feather eyelashes. 0.o i felt like a total drag queen! hahaha which was fun for the performance lol but afterwards on the subway i got really weird looks.

  5. the red tint pics and the magdalena ones are intense 🙂

  6. you amazing sweetie and you inspire me so much. stay strong, you’re gonna get through all this. i love you. you are like a dream. that’s what makes you so special. xoxox

    • kaytee you will never ever know how much you have inspired me and changed my life…you really really have no idea how much you inspire me.

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