You can see the flicker of something I’ve been trying to find…

You set this town on fire….you melted the ice

“And I’ll be up all night
Until I know you’re alright
You lit this town on fire
You melted the ice”
-the lovers, frozen floods

shirt I designed/made for sale….

it has drawings on it that i did….on the organza, and the lyrics from the lovers’ frozen floods on it. each organza panel has a different drawing-the large piece on the front is two tigers, the second square on the front is an eye, the large piece on the back is a lovely girl, and the other piece is where the lyrics are.

there is a rose on the back with a ribbon train piece….it ties on the side to make it adjustable to the person wearing it.

size x-small


little star flower necklace/piece

little star flower bracelet/piece

materials-organza, gems, lace, ribbon, and gauze-with a transparent bead on each end of the ribbon

you can also pin it in your hair.
model: ana (this girl is so beautiful….and someone that has helped me through so much. I love photographing her.)

all the photographs were taken by me….

Girl on fire

Self portrait taken by me.
I took these originally for a series of sequential photos im starting to take for the clothes I make/alter (in this case the tights).

I have a lot of drawings/oil paintings/ paintings on organza panels to post….I’ll do so soon.
For now you have some hand pieces that I’ve made for you to wear.

I’ve always been obsessed with distressed clothing…something akin to the bohemians of the late 19th century….victorian with a hint of gypsy.
So, in turn, my clothes reflect such.
I sew everything by hand….its a personal preference even when I have a machine at my disposal.

~ by volatilestructure on June 21, 2010.

12 Responses to “You can see the flicker of something I’ve been trying to find…”

  1. awesomely creative 🙂

  2. such a beautifull piece , you look like a fairy !

  3. I like the photo at the top. For some reason the word “constellation” pops into my head when I see it. You must be very good at sewing. I like the necklace & bracelet, it has a certain American Revolution era look to it….modest beauty.

    P.S. You look like you like Bob Marley.

    • thank you!
      its ironic that you bring up constellations….my friend just edited some photos i took by overlaying constellations on them…i’m going to post them soon with a story, but i have them posted on my flickr…

      i am ok at sewing, i just get very ocd when im working on something and go over and over it again until i get it right–there’s definitely a lot for me to learn when it comes to fabric but i like creating clothing and pieces from my head/dreams….

      i do like bob marley, i also like your blog a lot….very insightful.


  4. You’re so beautiful 🙂

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